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  Here's some of our past sales & testimonials  

Bill & Deb,

I am sending you a picture of Shiloh and me.  He is a wonderful horse, such a good boy.   He is awesome on the trail.   People can't believe he is only 3 years old.   I am so in love with him already. He is very quiet and wants to please and will do anything for a cookie! I couldn't be more pleased - he really is my dream horse!   Thanks for helping me.


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  Silver King's Sam Silver King's Sam Silver King's Sam
Silver King's Sam
Silver King's Sam

Silver King’s Sam


2002 buckskin gelding, reg. Mountain Pleasure. Sam is about 14’3 and finer built. Has plenty of go and is a gaiting machine. Ties, loads, trailers, rides alone or with another horse. We have not ridden him with a big group. He loves to ZOOM on the trail and so needs a rider that enjoys moving out. He does the mud, creeks, downed logs, etc without a 2nd thought. His right eye doesn’t show it, but has reduced vision. This does not bother him around the farm or on the trail. Be sure to watch his gait on the video!

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Polly Patches

Polly Patches - We have Patches for sale by her owner Marcie. Marcie has had health problems that makes her unable to ride Patches any longer. Patches is a 10-7-2003 model, reg. Spotted Mountain Horse. She is dark chocolate over white. She's a lovely mare about 14'2 or 3. She has some go and will get a little pushy and bob her head when forced to walk all the time. But she just wants to get out and do a nice little gait from time to time. Marcie had us take her to the Buffalo River last fall to work her and she has heart from tip of her nose to end of her tail. She has no quit in her on those long tough climbs. Bill had to stop her to let her blow (since she had not been ridden much) but she would quickly be ready to continue the climb! When she gets impatient she will bob her head and ask to move her feet, but we had no acting up at all. She has been ridden by women, men, and some youngsters that were good riders. She has been ridden through water, downed trees, and all that stuff with no problem. Goes alone or with others. The pictures/video were taken at our farm when Patches was a 3 y.o.

  >>>>> Video of Polly Patches <<<<<  
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  Phantom Phantom Phantom



Phantom is a flashy fast moving racking horse - 10 year old gelding.  About 16 hands, sound and solid!  He's a loverboy and right in your pocket.  If you offer him a slow ride, he can do that, but if you want to fly, he can do that too.  No vices, no tricks up his sleeve, he's a real honest guy to handle, and a head turner as well. Has been ridden on trails all over and camps overnight on a picket line. He is a good horse, but not a beginner's horse as he is high energy and too much horse for a novice. Bill has just had his 10th heart stent and is in cardio rehab, and is starting physical therapy for back problems. He needs to move Phantom to a home where he will be used.

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Romeo's Rocketman


This is Romeo's Rocketman. If you want to put this current picture in your SOLD section on the internet, go ahead.  I call him Augie.  Just letting you know he's doing great.  A month ago I measured him and he was 15 hands already.  He's growing like a weed.   He goes on trail and is doing great.  He knows how to kick a ball while on his back and to walk up the mounting block.  Looks like he was the right choice.  He is spoiled.  Hope all is going well with you and Bill.

Linda Somers

This KMSHA yearling is everything you look for in a great trail horse. The picture show's him doing a perfect single-foot, he has a very natural 4 beat gait. He should be between 15 and 16 HH at maturity. He looks to be turning a red chocolate with a lighter mane and tail. He's powerfully built. If I was thinking about a future trail gelding, I would look no further than this guy. Out of Romeo's Journey and Charity. The price will go up as we start him under saddle in mid-summer.

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Gambler Joe


Gambler Joe was purchased as a youngster and started on the trail by Cheryl Douglas.

"Joe is a great horse.  Calm disposition, no problems loading or with the farrier.  Does water and obstacles with no problem. As he is maturing, his gait is improving and he has filled out quite a bit.  Last year, as a 3 year old, he was a little nervous about being in the lead or at the back of a trail ride. This year, that's not an issue.  He also didn't like going out by himself last year.  This year, he was taken out many times by himself and did well.  Keeping up with Spanky wasn't possible last year.  This year, he can move out.  Not quite Spanky's speed but close.  Last year, we stirred up bees while riding in the Shawnee.  He didn't panic at all. Just gaited quickly out of the area.  No bucking, shying or spooking."

Cheryl Douglas

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Dear Bill and Deb,

Here are Charlie and Skinner all decked out in their saddle finery.

Mike and Diane Beatty

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  Debs Darlin Debs Darlin

Deb's Darlin $2,250 sold


Deb's Darlin is about 11 yrs old and 14-2.  She came to us after her owners had financial problems and abandoned her at a boarding facility.  She was reg. a rocky, but of course the papers are gone.  I ride her bareback and with saddle.  She has camped overnight.  She's no problem to deal with.  I was going to keep her for the grandchildren, but she is just a little impatient and I decided she needs a rider that can understand when she wants to get going.  She is relaxed and great alone or with a group.  In a group she is happy to linger behind, not a tailgaiter at all.  Can climb on from the ground, a bench or a table.  Not at all spooky.  When you are out riding if you are with someone that is constantly stopping and having trouble or putsing around she will stomp and shake her head, she wants to get going.  She is often very good about waiting, but do it too much and she tires of the nonsense.  She loads and backs off wonderfully.  Has a lovely trail gait.  Be sure to watch the videos of Darlin.

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  Belle Belle Belle Belle

Belle $2,500 sold


Belle – 14’3 10 y.o. RMHA mare. Pretty choc/flax. Sweet disposition, easy to catch with no “tricks up her sleeve'’. She has done some tough trails with us and camped overnight on a picket line. Belle is non-combative about everything including other horses. She has good feet and strong build. She has a nice 4 beat gait and will willingly go, but has no ideas about being a speed horse and is perfectly happy to walk all day if you want. Climb on from the ground, picnic table, a log or rock – she’s cooperative about it. Good with traffic, bikes, dogs, etc. Goes alone or with other horses, can lead or follow. Bill has been using her reguarly to trim trails with his machete. Loads herself and backs off with a pull of the tail. Be sure to watch her videos coming soon!

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  Beautiful Filly Beautiful Filly Beautiful Filly

Beautiful filly $1,000 sold


DOB 3/20/2013  This filly is out of Bonnie Blue (KMSHA reg) and Buttermilk Biscuit (KMSHA and RMHA reg.).  She is put together beautifully with an exceptionally pretty face.  Her gait is wonderful already and she naturally sets herself into frame when going into her gait.  If you are willing to wait a few years, she will make you an extraordinary ride.  She is bred for the trail and both parents are great non-spooky smooth gaited trail horses.  Both have strong legs and feet.  She will probably end up at 14-3 to 15 hands and be plenty strong to carry a big person.  If purchased on or before weaning  $1,000 - you will not find a horse with better genetics for the trail.  Both parents have very long wavy manes and tails.  Be sure and watch the videos!

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Tucker Tucker Tucker

Kentucky Girl (Tucker) $2,500 $1,500 or Best Offer sold


DOB 6-9-01, 15’1 hands. KMSHA foal papers. This big girl is ready to carry a good sized rider. She has the frame to take you over the trails. Bill has been riding her all summer, but his mare Stardust will have her filly weaned soon and now he is ready to sell Tucker. Trailers well, good with feet. Good on trails, rides solo. Has picketed overnight and been camping. Bill says she goes NOW! $1500 or best offer.

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  Commander Commander  

Commander's Bright Star  $2,500 sold

(DOB. 9-2005) 15' 1 solid black mare - REG. with the TWHBE.  This mare is a deluxe trail horse.  Smooth gaited and an easy pleasent ride on the trail.  Does mud, water, over downed trees, ties, and behaves with feet and for tack up.  She travels alone or with others.  Not spooky. She's been spending this summer ponying youngsters on the trail as well as being used for a buddy to youngsters under saddle for their first few rides.  She is so steady and confident that it naturally rubs off on them.  She also has gotten a high gear on the trail - wheeee!  Rides solo with no nonsense, or rides with a group.  She's very eye catching as she comes a gaiting thru camp with her head held high, or as she parks out for you to mount.


>>>>> Video 1 of Bright Star <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Bright Star <<<<<

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  Colt Colt Colt

KMSHA colt $1500 Sold

KMSHA colt born 4-25-2011.  Out of Biscuit and Bonnie Blue.  Blue eyed double crème colt.  A real looker and friendly, this little guy was born a gaitin'.  He should reach about 15 hands.  Really put together nicely.  His mom is good colored blue roan and both parents have very long manes and tails.  Bonnie's is also extremely heavy and wavy, I have to cut her tail once a year to keep it from dragging.  See photos of his full sister – Bibetty Bobetty Blue below.  This little boy has it all, both parents are super trail horses and very smooth.  Will have substantial leg and foot.  $1500 at weaning.

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  Ramblin Man Ramblin Man Ramblin Man Ramblin Man Ramblin Man Ramblin Man Ramblin Man  

Ramblin Man $2,500 Sold

Ramblin Man is a 9 year old, 15-1 hand gaiten’ machine. I took him out for the first time since we got him 4 months ago. I did not know what to expect. He did not want to stand well at first because he wanted to get back with his buddies in the pasture. It was not long before I could see this boy was the complete package. We went right up to the scary granite boulders at the start with no problem, over the logs, up the road and past the traffic, no semis or motorcycles went past, but cars and pickups weren’t even noticed. We went up to the 300 ft. wind turbines (Windy) the noise and blade shadows had zero effect. Road past the rustling corn and then into the rows. A pheasant flew up 10 yards away. Still zero effect! Will plug along or gait out. I forced him down a wooden ramp laying on the ground. He takes spurs well with no buck, kick or rear. As we rode past his pasture buddies he stopped. A little spur and we were on our way. I then got out my bull whip and slowly got him used to it and with in a few minutes I was cracking it over his head. I opened the truck tail gait off his back and stepped off. He needs just a little work with that. His feet are tender on the gravel and should be shod for trail. You can see two scars from old injuries. (see pictures) He needs just a couple of tune up rides and he will be ready for almost anyone. I took off his tack and he was very quite. I hooked him to the side rail of my pickup truck and slowly returned him back to his pasture tied to the truck. What a horse!

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  Hallebopp Hallebopp Halebopp Halebopp Halebopp Halebopp Halebopp  

Halebopp $1,200  sold

Halebopp – 15 y.o. well gait trail gelding.  He is out of our stock and sold at weaning.  He hasn’t been used much in the past 4-5 years, but we have had him back out on the trail.  He stands for mounting and dismounting, loads, ties, good with traffic, loves to move on down the trail, great gait, probably his only fault is when you are out on the trail, if you stop and ask him to stand still he likes to keep his feet moving.  If you get off he relaxes and he’s good for mounting and dismounting.  He was eligible for RMHA/KMSHA reg., but the owners never did it, and they lost the paper work. First $1200 takes him.

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  New Horse New Horse New Horse New Horse  

New Horse sold


Take a look at our newest horse!  She surely needs some groceries.  She is around 12 y.o. and was in a load of horses heading south.  Probably paid too much for her, but her gait is amazing and she needed something we could give her.  I will be doing updates so you can watch her fill out and become the horse she should be.  Have only take one 5 minute ride on her and loved what I experienced.  I’ll keep you updated as we do more riding once she gets some weight on her.  Join us for the transformation!!!

Update: After 2 weeks of good groceries, I thought I’d better take her out to see what her attitude is on a full belly and gaining weight. She’s laid back and confident. Loads when you through the lead rope over her back, does the water, deer, turkey, etc with ease. Bill passed me flying low and she just watched him and he took the picture as we caught up – as you can see, getting left behind is not a big deal. She has a nice relaxed gait, and we will be putting shoes on in 2 weeks and then she should be fatter and we’ll check out the gait some more and see what she has for speed. 

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  Fancy  Fancy  

Fancy $2,000 sold


This 2005 TWH is a great trail mare. She’s pleasant around the other horses and has a wonderful gait. She’s a go any where type of horse but probably too much for a beginner or timid rider cause she can really scoot down the trail. She’s about 14’3 hands, not too tall. Good manners and good for farrier and vet. We are taking her for a week of trail riding along the Buffalo River in Arkansas on Nov. 27th, so will have some good pictures of her at work. Good around traffic, machinery, dogs, etc. This fall $2000, she’ll be higher in the spring.

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She Za Corker $3,000 SOLD


(DOB. May 2008) Reg. KMSHA/RMHA, DNA work complete. We just put her on first ride on her - look at the videos.   She had her first ride with just a halter.  She has been sweet broke, no rough stuff.  Just gentle yield and release.  She is soft as warm butter and has shown no sign of rebellion.  Has been taught to ground drive, and to pick me up from a fence or to be mounted from the ground.

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Dietz's Cheeky Chap - (Chappy) $3000 SOLD


(DOB May 2009) - Reg. KMSHA/RMHA - DNA work done.  Out of Willie's Buttermilk Biscuit (Yankee x Clemon's Tim) and Cheryl's Early Dawn (Buddy Roe line).  He's a chocolate & flax beauty.  His entire family line are laid back easy going trail horses very simple to break out.  He is now a gelding (life's tough!).  He'll be a dream come true for someone!  He’s ready to start under saddle, and as we train him the price will go up.  He has a long extremely thick flaxen mane.  He should end up at 14’3 or 15 hands.  He’s strongly built already and even though he isn’t tall, he will easily carry a larger person.  We have broken out a number of horses from this line and they all break out in 2-3 hours spread over several days and are ready to start on the trail – it sounds crazy but they are just so easy  to work with.  When you hit the trail they just know that this is what they’ve been bred to do.  Good bone and nice sized foot. He's started under saddle and he'll be hitting the trails soon. He’s a real head turner!

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Gabbard’s Black Star – Sweetie $3,000 SOLD


Congratulations to Donna Keagle (the rider in the 2 new pictures) on her purchase of Sweetie/Gabbard’s Black Star!

This 16 y.o. mare has been Deb’s personal horse since we bought her as a 3 year old.  She has traveled an camped all over the U.S.  At 15.1 hands, she is as athletic as a youngster with absolutely no health issues.  Few youngsters can keep up with her in gait or on long days on the trail.  She has had a number of superb foals but always looks like the young filly with a sleek build.  She has been used for demos at horse fairs, brood mare, and incredible trail horse. A pleasure to work with and always ready to go. I am selling her because I have youngsters to break out and a couple older horses to retrain and she needs to go to a home where she can be enjoyed!   She can lead or follow or be left behind.  One amazing ride! Absolutely must go to a good home.

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Little Lulu $900 SOLD

We are offering Little Lulu - a finer built 3 yr old filly.  She's up to date on shots, etc.  She was  traded in last fall by a lady that had purchased her as a youngster, but realized she is not going to be large enough for her to ride.  Lulu will probably be around 14'3 hands and is of a slender smaller boned build.  She's real stylish, loves people, easy to catch and handle.  Prior to coming to us last fall, she was ridden numerous times in an arena, but had a person on the lead line.  Her gait just loose in the field is a thing of beauty!  

When she came here, we  turned her out to the large pasture with the herd to have an extra winter to grow up and socialize with the herd, she is very good socially.  She has been pleasant to work with and handle.  Is not a jumpy nervous horse, I tied her for the picture and drove the car past her several times and she was totally unconcerned.  Left her tied several hours and the  knot was not pulled tightly at all, although the first time I tied her up, I was not careful to do a good knot and she released her self, went back to the barn and climbed into the stall she had been in before I started to work with her.  

As she sheds out I'll get some more photos, she's a lovely deep red with nice blaze and 4 stockings.  I'll also get a video up of her.  She has not been reg. but has the papers to do her registration.  If you want a flashy, well gaited smaller filly - Lulu would perfect!  We will be breaking her to trail this summer, but if you purchase her before we put the time into her - we'll sell her for only $900.

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Skinner   SOLD


Skinner is a 3 year old KMSHA gelding.  He is 14 to 14'1 hands.  He's a great trail horse with good gait and nice canter.  Goes well alone or in a group.  He trailers, does obstacles,  plows through mud and water, and climbs over downed trees.  A very keen horse that only needs to know what you want.  He will happily flat walk or get out and cruise.  He has gone camping and overnights on a picket line.  He has never offered to rear, bolt, crow hop or buck - he just does the trail like the handsome  gentleman he is.

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Willie's Rococo $3,200 SOLD

  (DOB. 2007) Willie's Rococo - KMSHA/RMHA filly.  Chocolate with flax mane and tail.  She'll probably be about 15 hands.  She's out of Ragtime Willie and a Buddy Roe mare.  She's got long bloodlines on both sides.  Shows good gait.   Will be laid back.  Her body is shedding out to a darker chocolate.  Both parents are good trail stock. Starting under saddle, will be broke to trail this summer.  

>>>>> Video 1 of Coco - First time the saddle gets cinched up - no problem! <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Coco - 1st run with a saddle <<<<<

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Jessie  $1,500 SOLD

(DOB. 7/26/95) - A RMHA/KMSHA red chocolate brood mare.  14'2 hands has beautiful foals with more size than their dam.  Her foals sell!  One was shipped to a breeder in France.  She is bred for a spring 2011 foal.  She breeds and foals without problem, is a very good mother, and enjoys human interaction even with a new baby by her side.  This mare has the gait bred into her and her babies inherit her natural gait.  Her first foal should more than pay for her.  I rode her on a vacation in Arkansas this spring, she has the heart and lungs to go forever and I enjoyed her, she would be great to breed for endurance type foals.  But we are selling her as a brood mare because at 15 we think that's were her value is and prior to this spring she has spent her whole life as a brood mare.


>>>>> Video 1 of Jessie <<<<<

  These are Jessie's foals from '05 & '06, Sand Rose was exported to France!  
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Bill's Blue Boy  $4500 SOLD

(DOB. Aug '04) >KMSHA gelding.  Lot's of trail riding,  overnights on a picket line, experienced camper, smooth lovely gait.  He's a real people lover with a laid back disposition.  Plus he's got the rare blue roan color that is a real head turner.  He's about 15 hands.


>>>>> Video 1 of Blue Boy <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Blue Boy <<<<<

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Jo Star   $2500 SOLD

  >>>>> Video of Jo Star <<<<<  
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Suzy Sunrise  $3200 SOLD

(DOB. May '05) Suzy Sunrise - KMSHA filly, 14 HH - This pretty little filly is a butterscotch with light mane.  She has an incredibly confident mind.  From first saddle-up to riding, the first ride was 45 minutes, with no funny business at all.  Two rides later, she went out on the trail and was totally fearless.  First time on the trail she went over downed logs - not little ones but big ones!  She went thru the mud, water, rode alone and with the other horse.  She went into gait and it was flawless.  A few more rides and she will be a completely finished horse with the gait to die for.  She is stout of body but she should be ridden by a person 200 lb. or under.   She is always ready to get the halter on.  The only thing we are still debating is whether we should sell her or keep her for breeding stock and for the grandkids to ride - yes, she's that good.  The mind, the gait, and a beauty to top it off.  Bill plans to sell her right now, but I want to keep her!  So you know who to talk to if you call!  The picture was taken her first time on the trail.  Suzy is out of the mare RMHA/KMSHA Stone Silk.


>>>>> Video 1 of Suzy <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Suzy <<<<<

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Champagne and Black Lace $6000 SOLD

(DOB. May '04 ) >Lacie has been certified under saddle. She is reg. KMSHA and RMHA-G.  A real knockout with her dappled golden coat.  She's going to be a good sized girl with a good foot and leg under her.  Should finish at 15 HH and substantial build.  She's  people oriented  gentle spirited.


>>>>> Video 1 of Lace <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Lace <<<<<


>>>>> Video 3 of Lace <<<<<

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The Long Arm of the Law $2900 SOLD

(DOB. Spring of '06) The Long Arm of the Law - he got this name because he will be a real nice mover. This colt is out of Buttermilk Biscuit and Sweetie.  Reg. KMSHA.  He will be over 15 Hands.  He's a real people lover and is always in your pocket.  Both parents have done KMSHA demos.  Both parents are extremely well gaited and very confident trail horses.  He is a dark choc, possibly a black buckskin, but with lighter tips on his mane and a lighter mix tail. This horse will be start under saddle and on trails this summer, the price will go up accordingly.

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Pretty Red Wing  $3900 SOLD

(DOB. Spring of '05) Pretty Red Wing  - reg. KMSHA/RMHA. A Yankee/Buddy Roe cross born on our farm out of a Buddy Roe mare "Dawn" and our stud Ragtime Willie.  Will finish at 14'2 or 3.  A dark red filly with a light mane and a mix tail.  Very laid back trail horse.  Does all the mud, water, logs, started on road and traffic and doing great at it all.  She has a nice 4 beat  and lovely canter.  Willing to walk all day but loves to get out and roll as well. She's a willing trail partner and a regular ole business woman when it comes to things that often scare horses.  She is good with her feet and good about trailing.  She will make a great horse for the beginner or the more advanced rider that enjoys cruising the trails without a hassle.  She loves to travel alone, she's been ridden with others and is fine, but she shines when she's got the trail to herself.  She's now moving up into a "big girls bit" and learning to hold her gait at different speeds.  She has been kept in a herd most of the time, but has also done time in solitary with no problems.  As we put on the finishing touches and do her certification, her price will go up.


>>>>> Video 1 of Red Wing <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Red Wing <<<<<


>>>>> Video 3 of Red Wing <<<<<

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Fast Buck  $1900 SOLD

Fast Buck is a 3 y.o. 14'3 hand KMSHA gelding.  He  is a great trail horse and will go through the trail obstacles like mud, water, steep inclines and drop offs, over downed logs and trees with no fuss.  He has a wonderful gait and he is starting to also show some speed as well.  He's going to be fairly stocky and is able to carry at 200 lb rider easily.  He's a dark chocolate buckskin with light tips on the end of his mane.  He is extremely light in the mouth.  He loads and backs of the trailer, stands well for the farreir, ties out on a long line to graze.  He is a fun horse to take on the trail!  He's also cute!

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Weanling KMSHA colt

(DOB. '08)  Weanling KMSHA colt. This boy is out of Biscuit and Fudgey. He's got all the breeding to make a super gaited trail horses. He was born in early spring and will be weaned on June 9th. since he's so far ahead of the others foals for a weaning date, he'll make extra work for me. If you want a superior gaited youngster, he's a deal. We are asking just $800.00 if he sells soon after weaning. He's going to be a dark sooty buckskin. His mom is a real dark bay, almost black bay. Stud is our cremello. This is a youngster that will give you a dream horse in just a couple years.

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Joanie's Gator  $5500 SOLD

Joanie's Gaiter - 4 y.o. KMSHA 15'2 hands.  Gaiter is a beauty .  All that flash and he can really fly on out in a single foot as well. The big secret is that for all you see, he's a laid back ole boy that would really prefer to walk. You have to get after him to get the speed.  Was ridden on a 100 mile trail ride a month ago and did very well.  He has beautifully refined expressive head.

  >>>>>> Video of Joanie's Gator <<<<<  
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Romeo SOLD

Romeo is a 3 y.o. gelding. He's about 15'1 and strongly built. A big smooth lick and laid back disposition makes him a pleasure to ride. He goes over the logs, through the mud and water, rides alone and with others. Easy to catch and handle. Is doing super on the trail.

  >>>>> Video of Romeo <<<<<  
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Diamond  $6500 SOLD

Diamond -  a rare find!  Laid back and easy going fellow - he accepts the surprises with a yawn!  But ask him to move up and he's got a flashy even 4 beat.  He's a little over 2 and still growing, will possibly reach 16 HH.  But he's more mature minded than most 10 year olds.   Every head will turn and jaw will drop when you show off your Diamond!  Here's your dream horse - KMSHA Reg. - Color, gait, and mind - he's a once in a life time find.

  >>>>>> Video of Diamond <<<<<  
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Shadow  $3500 SOLD

Shadow is a 6 y.o. KMSHA mare.  Very sweet,  laid back trail horse.  Easily handles the trail obstacles and does well with traffic.  She has a nice gait and we have kept her in a slower gait as she will probably go to a home for a beginner.  She is about 14'3 and a finer build.  She is a pleasure to handle on the ground and in the saddle.  Rides alone or with a group.  Can lead or follow.  A calm relaxing ride.

  >>>>> Video 1 of Shadow <<<<<  
  >>>>> Video 2 of Shadow <<<<<  
  >>>>> Video 3 of Shadow <<<<<  
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Biscuit's Slick Willie

Biscuit's Slick Willie is a 3 year old RMHA reg can also have KMSHA  reg papers.  He's doing the trail and showing that calm easy disposition that we breed for.  He's breaking into a nice relaxed ambling gait from time to time.  He is doing very well at crossing water, mud, downed trees, etc.  He also has started doing trail alone and handles it very calmly.

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Bucky is a RMHA reg and certified gelding.  He's a sooty buckskin -  dob May 21, 02.  He's a big strong boy about 15'1 or 2.  Sewell's Sam  and Maple's Squirrel lines.  Good gait and doing well on the trail.   He'll be heading out on several extended camping trips this spring.    Very mild horse to handle - not at all pushy.

  >>>>> Video #1 of Bucky <<<<<  
  >>>>> Video #2 of Bucky <<<<<  
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Red Rover

Born 5-5-2000, 14'3 KMSHA gelding. Stout built, wonderful even gait - very natural flows evenly from walk to gait. Experienced trail horse. Picks you up and drops you off at rocks, logs, or picnic tables. Trailers, ties, good with feet. Goes alone or with a group.


>>>>> Video of Red Rover <<<<<

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This 3 year old sorrel gelding is one amazing trail horse.  His gait is superb and his easy can do attitude is one in a million.  He does traffic, dogs, water and mud, loads and backs off, he's a great ride for trail grooming - swing the machete or use the hand  clippers - he's fine with whatever is happening.  He pickets on the line and ties and relaxes.  He can fly in gait, he can flat walk, he'll give the horse next to him a run for his money or back right down to a walk and let him pass.  The rider just needs to let his wishes be known.  We should call him The Genie - cause the riders slightest wish is his command!  He's at 14'2 hands and still growing.

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Silky is a RMHA reg. 4 year old mare.  Sorrel with a little roaning over the body.  She's about 14'3 and has a super gait.  If you want a nicely gaited Rocky mare Silky could get you in the business!  Buddy Roe & Dock on top side, Blue Smokin' Sambo and Dock on bottom.  She just finished  a trip to Wyoming riding in the Rockies.  She has a nice gait and lovely canter.  She does well with traffic, dogs, trailering. picket lines, crosses water, etc.  She has a mild disposition and likes to be loved on.  She is never pushy or aggressive.

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  Cody Cody Cody  


Chocolate 4 year old KMSHA gelding  15.1 hands.  He is a real sweetheart that does it all.  He can get out and fly or is happy to puddle along all day.  He has done lots of trail and camps out on a picket line.  A fine solid horse that is soft on the rein and easy to handle.  He is a good horse to ride with young horses training for trail as he is steady and fearless.  He has just returned from camping in Wyoming and Wisconsin in October.

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  Zippy Zippy Zippy  


Zippy is a 4 year old palomino roan, with reverse dapples.  14 HH - has a good leg and foot under her.  She has a great easy moving gait that is smooth and a pleasure to ride.  She has no competitive ideas when passed on the trail, but can get out and cover the ground if you ask her to.  She can lead follow or get out of the way,  and goes alone as well as with a group.  She is KMSHA appendix reg. She does the water, mud, trailers,  will camp and picket out.  A good horse for a smaller person to enjoy the trail on.  Also her coloring would make for interesting offspring.

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  Bugsy Bugsy Bugsy  

Bugsy Brown

3 year old double reg. KMSHA/RMHA gelding.   Out of Buttermilk Biscuit and Red Rose . Will mature at 15 or 15'1 hands.  Chocolate with flax tips on mane and tail.  Bugsy is real handsome, a head turner as he gaits into camp.  Has been overnight camped since a 2 year old. Spends the night on a picket line.  Rides alone with ease, or with others.  Does great on trail obstacles.  Natural gait.  Has easily done the tough trails as the photos show.

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Nite Star

This is a black gelding, 4 years old, about 14'3 Hands. Wonderful gait, a little longer stride towards a bit of a running walk, not at all pacey though.  He's quiet and easy going, but can get out and go when asked. He can be reg. KMSHA.  He can take you anywhere you care to go - he will gallop and come right back to calm walking.

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Louie   $500 or best offer

Louie - 14 hand bay gelding.  Not reg. about 7-8 years old.  We have been using him to pony our granddaughter on the trails.  He has a little gait, but usually just trots.  He has a very nice canter.  He's in good health.

  Horizontal Line  


Black gelding, 5y.o., 14'  1-2 Hands. Strongly built.  Very nice trail horse and as cute as can be.  Has a lovely gait that even first time gaited horse riders will easily find.  Trailers easily.  He's fun to ride and can get the gait moving if you ask him to.  A real easy keeper as well.

  Horizontal Line  


Boomer is a 7 year old gelding at 14"3 hands.  Experienced trail horse.  Well behaved but will get out and go if asked.  Easy to catch and handle.  Real pretty with 4 whiter socks, a blaze, and lighter mane and tail.  Pleasing to ride alone or with a group.  Not spooky.  His gait is impeccable!   Will canter when asked.

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Date of birth is 4/1/99 - KMSHA and Reg. grade RMHA certified brood mare. Chocolate w/flax mane & tail and white star.  Excellent mother and raises real nice babies.  She has a good gait and some go to her.  Very good manners. Mare  is open and has spent the later part of the summer on the trails.  She pickets out overnight, will go through anything you come to on the trail.  Good gait.  A fun ride, but perhaps to much for a timid rider or beginner.

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Sorry, but Max was sold before we could get him on the internet.

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Dietz's's Coal Miner

KMSHA reg.  Gelding has a wonderful gait.  Sweetly obedient to all requests. Has been trail ridden in Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas and of course, Illinois.  Coal is about 14' 3 hands.  He socializes well.  As far as trail obstacles - we haven't found any when riding Coal!  The tougher the trail the better.  He is stoutly built and will have no trouble carrying a good sized rider, but handles well for anyone. No vices.

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Alley Gaiter

Ally Gaiter is a 2 year old filly started under saddle. KMSHA/RMHA. Will soon be starting on the trail.  Has a scar on outside heel of front hoof but vet and farrier say foot is fine and she is sound.  A real beauty with lots of class. Has a nice gait. King George/Choco Dock lines.  

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  Boogeyman Boogeyman  

The Boogeyman

This 3 year old black gelding is 14'3 and a real gentleman to handle. He performed in the KMSHA Demo at Northern Illinois Horse Fest, pulling a 5 gallon bucket around banging along, and having swung around him by the rider.  He has tarps thrown at him and will open and close the mail box for you.  He has a flashy gait and is a pretty picture to watch travel. Has a nice mane and exceptional thick long tail.  Real laid back to handle. Has done lots of trails, water, over logs, easy loading.

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  Big Shot Big Shot Big Shot  

Big Shot

Big Shot is a 10 year old KMSHA gelding.  He looks intimidating - but is a pussy cat.  Pays attention but not at all nervous or jumpy.  His gait is great, but former owner did not pay any attention to it, so he needs to be reminded from time to time that you like it smooth.  He can do anything you ask on the trail.  Plus he can get out and fly when you put the boots to him.  Probably needs a rider with a little experience, although he hasn't done anything other than completely obey.  We have had him out camping and is also good on the picket line. He has had lots of trail riding and camping experience and has been trail ridden in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.

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Palomino gelding  

Palomino gelding dob - 3-25-01.  Has a good gait - will go anywhere.  Is happy to walk - but can move out if you ask.  Would be a good beginners horse but can give an advanced rider an enjoyable ride.  Real solid nature, not nervous at all, has never jumped at anything when we were riding him.  He's light now in winter coat, but former owner says he'll darken to nice color in spring, but not the real dark palomino. Is dappled with star and stripe.  Loads and all that good stuff.  This boy is laid back and calm, but will do the hard stuff without any excitement at all - see the picture going over the big log - his eye says ho-hum.  He's about 15'1. He is good with men and ladies the same.  He is double reg. Foxtrotter and KMSHA.

  Horizontal Line  

LicKaty Split 

2 year old filly double reg. KMSHA/RMHA Buddy Roe/Black Sam lines.  Started under saddle and she is a calm laid back lady.  Just what you want for a relaxing ride or brood mare. Will start on the trail very soon.  Shows a good gait.

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Hocus Pocus

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Dawn  $3,500 SOLD

(DOB. 2/29/97) Great brood mare out of Buddy Roe/Tim line. Very laid back.  Mare is correctly put together, has nice gait, and passes it along to her foals.  KMSHA/RMHA fully reg. and certified.

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Ona Wing Anna Prayer   $1900 SOLD

( DOB. 2007) Ona Wing Anna Prayer - KMSHA reg. filly.  Anna is out of Ragtime Willie and Bonnie Blue.  This filly will be powerfully built and probably mature at 15 hands or 14'3.  She's a people lover and already shows her beautiful gait.  Both parents are horses that can be pulled out of the pasture after a year long lay off and act like they had been ridden right along.   Anna will make a great riding horse and is certainly worth raising foals from.

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Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose is a 6 year old KMSHA mare that will win you over. She has a wonderful gait and lots of heart. Just over 14 hands, and powerfully built. Her manners are impeccable. She is a gentle minded soul, but has just the right blend of go and whoa. She can lead or follow, and she really covers allot of ground. She can do everything you could ask of a good trail horse with ease. She is a sweetheart of a horse, we took her on a weekend ride and had lots of folks riding her and enjoying her wonderful gait and trail abilities.

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The Chi Town Hustler

The Hustler is a 2 year old Reg. KMSHA blue chocolate roan, with a gray tail and a gray/flax mane. He will mature close to 16HH and is already great on the trail, does water, loads, goes over downed trees with ease. He appeared at the Northern Illinois Horse Fest ridden with, rope swinging, large loose blue trap over top, up and down large wooden teeter-totter. Some folks spend years trying to get a trail horse to accept things that this guy already handles with ease - plus he's a real eye catcher.

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Handsome Henry

Handsome Henry

This KMSHA registered gelding is 15' 1 HH and 10 years old. A laid back horse, excellent on trail and easy to catch.  A great horse to have a beginner ride or to ride with young horse when starting it on trail.  Also goes well alone on road or trail, and has a nice easy trail gait.

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Charity is a 5 year old brood mare KMSHA.  She was only ridden enough to certify, but we have been riding her on trails and she has a wonderful smooth gait and is a real cadillac.  A sorrel with lighter mane - could possibly have some red chocolate as the lower portion of her legs have a chocolate color.  She's about 15' 2.  A kind and passive nature, and a relaxed cool minded trail horse.  She is easy to catch, stands to tack up and mount, trailers, and moves off in a relaxed easy walk.

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This black KMSHA/RMHA gelding is almost 5 years old. He is out of our stock "Ragtime Willie & Memphis Belle" but was sold as a weanling. We bought him back this fall and started him on trails, and that is what this boy is bred to do. He accepts trail obstacles easily and can haul you over the roughest, primitive trails. Has a nice smooth ground covering gait. Bill has trained him to have a black snake cracked off him - you know the "Zorro" thing! He is a little over 15 HH and a striking beauty to watch perform. He requires a somewhat experienced rider. Great ground manners. He ties, trailer, stands well for farrier. He has done some of the toughest trails in Shawnee (including carry Bill off the front rock descent of buzzard's roost calmly and carefully. He has also been ridden in Wisconsin, Tamarack, MN., and the wilderness areas of Buffalo River, ARK.

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Lucky Buck

Lucky Buck is a 2 year old KMSHA gelding.  Just starting under saddle, but price reflects started on trail.  He's a sooty buckskin and shows a wonderful gait.  Out of Lucky Star and Buttermilk Biscuit.

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Pearly - Brood mare - d.o.b. - 4/21/98 - 15" 1 HH and lots of body.  Double dilute cr gene.  Very laid back and a real people lover.  Graham's Koko/Black Angel/Sterling Merry Boy lines. KMSHA reg. and certified.  Bred to Ragtime Willie for 06.

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Leon's Rusty Gait

Leon's Rusty Gait is about 14 HH, but he's a strong little mountain horse that can take you anywhere you want to go. He was trained as a guides horse on the Buffalo River trails. He's got a nice gait and has done nothing but tough trails all summer. He's only 3 years old and not quite ready to be a child's horse, but is a wonderful trail horse for anyone that has a little experience. He ties, loads, and has good ground manners. He is a bay and white Reg. Spotted Mountain Horse.

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Golden Girl

Golden girl is a 3 year old KMSHA filly. At 14 hands, she is perfect for kids or a smaller lady rider. She is a very calm horse, and has a wonderful gait - but is a slower natured animal and doesn't try to get flying, but will move out nicely when asked to. She's a striking beauty, not only in her looks, but in her calm demeanor as well. She is good with traffic, trail obstacles, farrier work, picketing, and is an easy keeper. She'd be the perfect horse for the family!

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Spanky is a black-and-white Spotted Mountain Horse Reg. gelding at 15"3 HH.  He was born on 11/01/1999.  This is a horse, that can really get out and cover the ground smoothly. He's flashy to look at, and a pleasure to ride. Well trained, and rides on trail and road.  Taught to stand tied to the saddle horn.  Stands well for farrier, and is very well mannered. Loads and trailers.  This guy will turn a head or two!

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Hawk's Beauty

This KMSHA registered palomino mare is six years old and just under 15 HH. She is a lovely dappled gold with white blaze and two white socks.  Wonderful trail gait and rides well alone or with others. Loads, does water, obstacles. Will travel slowly or get out and move.

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Moore's Tim Midnight Madness

Tim is RMHA reg. and has Clemon's Tim, and Smith's Ginger bloodlines.  He is a nicely built horse, with a naturally gentle, laid back disposition.  He looks good carrying Bill who is 5"10.  He has a nice, smooth, 4 beat gait that is a joy to ride, especially with his gentle yielded spirit. Not a nervous,  jumpy horse, but will move out if asked to.  He is relaxed whether you are handling him on the ground or from the saddle.  Trailers well and is an experienced trail horse and good with traffic.  He is always ready to be caught – no chasing him down, and is adept socially with other horses - but not aggressive. He is Jet Black with no white markings, 14' 2 hands and was born on April 11, 2000

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Smokey's Thunder

This 6 year old chocolate-flax gelding is 15HH.  He is an easy going guy, handles easily, very pretty, and loves to be caught.  His owner passed away and we are working on papers as they were lost.  We do have KMSHA and hopefully RMHA.  He'll go slow or get out and gait on down the trail.  Isn't spooky or hyper, does road and trail riding.  We will be happy to show you what he can do.

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Lady Madeline

This 10 year old KMSHA mare has a superior gait. She's just a hair under 15HH and has plenty of get up and go. Loads, covers the most difficult of trails and obstacles, stands great for the farrier, has impeccable ground manners, has never offered to buck, kick, or rear. When we road her the first couple of times after 5 years off as a brood mare, she'd back up when we first got on but then went great after she got her self going. Fine with traffic and pickets overnight easily. She's in good health and is an easy keeper. She just finished a 4 day ride in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and will be leaving for a 10 day ride down south in November if she isn't sold.

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Tim Bob

Tim Bob is a double registered RMHA and KMSHA gelding. He is 5 years old and a hair under 15h. He loads, does traffic, dogs, water, and goes over the downed trees. He has a wonderful smooth gait that makes the miles on the trail a pleasure. Always glad to see you, he's easy to catch. Out of Tim stock, he'll get better and better with age. Just started on trail this year, he's ready for a rider that wants a lifelong partner who has some experience.

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RockyXMorgan - Starbuck

This gelding does not gait, he trots. He is a wonderful trail horse with plenty of get up and go, but soft on  the bit. He readily handles trail surprises without shying.  Starbuck would be a good choice for endurance competition, eventing, or just a rider that likes to trail ride. He has camped out with a picket line, is fine with loud traffic, water, jumps large logs, loads easily, and will take you up or down any slope if you ask him. At 15.3h he's a real head turner. Golden dapples and black points, black hooves that are very tough. Starbuck is our only horse that is not gaited. This 4 year old is 100% heart, and probably should have a confident, somewhat experienced rider.

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Dietz's Dixieland Delite

Dixieland Delight

She's a dark chocolate, 2 year old double registered filly.  She'll be well over 15HH, fine features, yet strongly built. She's a natural on the trails, going through water, over logs and up and down the hills. She loads and backs off the trailer. She can move out smartly in a gait and yet walks quietly when asked to. She's a quick study and will only get better with age. We have been careful while training to not overwork her, but her easy trail abilities has going and doing what older horses strive for, we just don't let her travel as fast or as long as the older ones. We own her dam and sire, her full brother Biscuit also stands at our farm, and her full sister was exported to Europe. With great bloodlines, gait and disposition, she'll be a pleasure to own, whether as a riding horse or a brood mare or both. This quiet disposition is apparent in all her family of horses.

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Hawks Red Rose

A KMSHA mare with a beautiful, red chocolate color. She's has a nice gait, and likes to get out and move. About 15'1 and 9 years old, in great health, and a very good mother! We took her on trails after weaning and she does water and obstacles just fine.

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The Lawman  $2,500 SOLD

(DOB. 4-2006)  16'1 KMSHA gelding.  Lawman is a beautiful trail cruising machine.  His smooth gait is so natural and uncomplicated.  He's a gentle giant that is relaxed and fun on the trail.  He's doing the mud and water.  Goes easily over downed trees.  Rides alone or with others.  Very few older horses can ride as relaxed and confidently alone as he does.  He can also move right out when you call on him - and as a 3 y.o. he will only get better.  Picks up his rider from picnic tables etc.


>>>>> Video 1 of Lawman <<<<<

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  Jen Jen  

Jen $2,500 SOLD


>>>>> Video 1 of Jen <<<<<

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Black Snip SOLD


>>>>> Video 1 of Black Snip <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Black Snip <<<<<


>>>>> Video 3 of Black Snip <<<<<

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  Sod Buster Sod Buster  

Dietz's Sod Buster $3,200 SOLD

(DOB. May '05 ) > This gelding is a beautiful chocolate with flax mane and tail. He's going to be 15 hands or a little more.  He is sweet and gentle and already nicely gaited.  Out of a Dan's Dusty Action mare and our stud Buttermilk Biscuit. You couldn't ask for a calmer more docile youngster.  Buster has just been started under saddle.  The pictures were taken the first time he had a rider on board.  As we get him going on the trail, his price will go.  A video will be up soon.

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  Ace Ace Ace  

Ace $2,700  SOLD

(DOB. Spring of '06) Ace is out of Ragtime Willie and Tarbaby.  A full brother to our stallion biscuit.  He will be over 15 hands and powerfully built.  All the horses from this line have been laid back, well gaited, trail horses with wonderful minds.  Since Willie died this year, this will be one of the last chances to buy his offspring.  He is double reg. KMSHA/RMHA.  He is solid true black with one white sock.  This horse will be start under saddle and on trails this summer, the price will go up accordingly.

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  Alec Kazam Alec Kazam Alec Kazam Alec Kazam Alec Kazam Alec Kazam  

Alec Kazam $2,900  SOLD

(DOB. Sept '04) - Alec just returned from riding in the Rockies above Centennial WY. He would make a great horses for long distance and endurance riding. He is very soft and willing, but has stamina and heart from the tip of his ears to his toes. He is extremely sure footed even in the boulder fields. And he has plenty of energy even riding around 11,000 ft at tree level. One day after riding for 3 hours, as we were heading back to camp with several other horses, I just gaited him up the steep slopes and then we picked our way back down as the other horse walked along, he was no where ready to quit, so after a quick lunch we were back out for several more hours of steep riding. And he didn't need time to adjust to the altitude, we camped at 10,200 ft and we got in Monday afternoon and rode 5 hours on Tuesday through extremely rough areas, and then on Wednesday we did the ride I described above. He really fulfills the meaning of Mountain Horse. He's a dark chocolate buckskin.


>>>>> Video 1 of Alec Kazam <<<<<


>>>>> Video 2 of Alec Kazam <<<<<

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  Rockin' Roe Rockin' Roe Rockin' Roe  

Rockin' Roe  $3,500  SOLD

(DOB. May '06) >RMHA/KMSHA gelding - Rockin Roe is started on the trail.  He's had his first camp out and did great on the picket line.  He's a beauty with his chocolate dapples and flax mane and tail.  Very laid back just like all the horses in his breeding line.  He's doing a nice natural 4 beat gait. He's stoutly built with a short back and  has good bone and feet.   He  broke out in just 45 mintues. That after noon he took his first trail ride and even led for part of ride.  He does water, mud and goes over downed trees with ease.  If he isn't sold, Bill plans on taking him on a 2 week camping ride to PA and NY in Oct. 


>>>>> Video 1 of Rockin' Roe <<<<<

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  Dark Colt Dark Colt Dark Colt Dark Colt  

Dark colt  $1,200 SOLD

(DOB. 5-2 009)  RMHA/KMSHA dark chocolate buckskin.  Does a good 4 beat.  People oriented, full brother and sister are both well gaited trail horses.  Will have plenty of bone,  good feet. Out of Biscuit and Jessie.

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