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Two well gaited trail geldings -
Phantom $900 or Bill’s Star $2,000 (not on website yet)
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  Pearly Pearly
Pearly Pearly

Bill’s Pearly Gaits $1,500


D.O.B. 9/20/2016 -- Pearly is a cremello out of our stallion Buttermilk Biscuit and Tim’s Stardust. Both parents are on site, owned by us, and both have been used extensively for breed demos over the years. Pearly KMSHA foal reg. and DNA work are completed. She has wonderful legs and feet on her. She is nicely put together and very healthy. She is very people oriented and easy to catch, good for farrier, loads and trailers nicely. She has been ponied on the trail and does mud, water, and goes over the logs with no drama. Her reg. goes back to old time greats like Yankee, Tobe, Cheeks Rocky and Clemon’s Tim. We are asking $1500. But that will go up as she gets more experience and training.

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  Smokey Mover Smokey Mover

Smokey Mountain Mover $1,250


Update: Now a yearling, she’s a dark chocolate with flax tips on mane and tail. Her gait is wonderful and she has a good mind on her.

D.O.B. 5/16/2013 -- This girl is out of Bill's buckskin mare Stardust (KMSHA Reg) that he used in all the demos.  Sire is Buttermilk Biscuit.  Both horses are excellent in gait and disposition.  This filly should end up about 14-3 to 15 hands.  We are not sure of the color yet, best guesses are chocolate buckskin, sooty buckskin, or gruella, time will tell.  She's a beauty for sure and very nicely put together.  Already doing a nice gait,  take a moment to watch her videos and see how the mare moves as well!  She is bred for the trail with that great can do mind!  Should easily carry up to a 220 lb rider.  If you can wait a couple years you can be riding a well gaited trail beauty!

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Bibitty Blue Bibitty Blue


Bibitty Bobetty Blue (Betty Blue) $7,000

3 year old KMSHA filly. Beautiful blue roan, although it was hot when these pictures were taken and she'd been on the trails and was sweaty.  I will get a dry picture to show her true color plus Bill doesn't bother to brush her mane out, so I'll get her slicked up for a photo.  She has an incredible thick long wavy mane and tail.  She has a nice gait and wonderful disposition. Plenty of body, good bone, substantial foot, bred for the trail and she knows it!  Loads, ties, all the good stuff, great with mud and water, goes right over downed trees, and stops for trimming the trail as well.  This mare turns heads wherever she goes.  Reg and DNA work complete.  Out of Biscuit and Bonnie Blue.

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Stardust Stardust

Stardust $12,000

(DOB. 2003) I always say "Never put a price on a horse that you don't want to sell. "  But Bill has offered his demo horse for sale.  Stardust is a KMSHA filly at 14' 3 hands.  She is amazingly perfect in everything!   She's not only beautiful, but her natural gait is superb - and she has a fast high gear if you ask.  She is fearless on the trail and has done numerous breed demos.  She is trained to rear on command - perfect if you like to show off a little.  She is trained to have a bull whip cracked off of her back and will let you use the whip to break balloons for an audience. She side passes and she will break into a nice canter and jump downed trees on the trail.  She is the complete package if you want to turn the heads while you enjoy an easy going trail horse.  She's young to give you years of enjoyment .

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Running Horse

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